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EW=NW Offerings

Here at EqualityWorks, NW we enable organizations to build constructive relationships by creating an environment where each individual is able to speak their truth respectfully. We give organizations the tools needed to speak one’s truth and to manage conflict. By listening and mirroring GA-diversity-award-groupwhat we have heard from our peers, we can create a future that fosters an affirming and collaborative working environment.

We practice through a lens of social justice, emphasizing intersecting identities and a clear understanding of power and privilege.

Our Services

While EqualityWorks, NW works hard to customize programs and curricula for individual clients, we feel there are basic skills necessary to run a creative and productive team in a safe and affirming environment. EW=NW provides the following services to build and develop these skills for all types of organizations:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops for business, non-profits, and schools focusing on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, and other differences
  • Onsite consulting, coaching and training in leadership development
  • Strategic planning training and facilitation
  • Consulting and training in team building
  • Development of tools for Conflict Management Resolution
  • Certified mediation services
  • Consulting and coaching in strategic planning around safe work spaces and social justice
  • Facilitation of difficult workplace conversations and skill set development for workplace norms on communication

Our Workshops

Speaking Your Truth Respectfully

This full-day workshop gives people the tools to understand and discuss how they identify. This allows all participants to frame the tension or conflicts they perceive in the workplace or school. SYTR encourages people to listen to other perspectives and to sit with tension—not everything can be solved in one conversation. Successful completion of this workshop gives people the tools to build and participate in meaningful, honest conversations.

Unpacking Privilege

This workshop can be set as a half-day or full-day event. It is especially effective for organizations addressing harassment and bullying. Targeting issues of race, gender, age, and sexual orientation, Unpacking Privilege allows participants to discover their own identification. The workshop then reveals the privileges and risks associated with identification and perception and helps participants understand how their identification influences their interactions with others.

Communications Styles and Positive Interaction

Understanding how we communicate — and the different communication styles we have — is critical to success in the workplace. This workshop provides participants with a communications inventory which explores their style(s). We then unpack the style differences and discuss ways people can turn those differences into a positive experience.

Mixing Your Own Playlist

This full day workshop is exceedingly useful for helping employees learn new behavior and creating a productive new culture. Time is designated to discuss the baggage we all come to  our jobs with and what to do with that baggage. How do we create something new and take ownership of making a new playlist: setting up a new approach to our work. This workshop can also be adapted for middle school students.

Project Management Made Easy

Managing your projects effectively doesn’t need to be complicated or scary. You don’t need expensive software or arcane processes to achieve quality results. This workshop presents a simple set of tools for planning, executing, and evaluating projects of any size. Participants will get hands-on practice, templates, and tools. The workshop can be customized to meet specific project management goals.

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